Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bobby's 78th Birthday

Photo stolen from linked blog post below
I've written a bunch of articles in the past about how important it is to start (or better yet, continue) strength training as you age. If nothing else, having the strength to keep you from falling down will keep you out of the hospital. You don't want to break a hip! I was talking to Randy a couple of weeks ago about it and he mentioned another aspect that I didn't realize: it's not just strength, it's the kind of strength movements you work on. More specifically, it's the speed at which you train that really matters.

Much of sarcopenia comes from your central nervous system turning off and not being able to fire your muscles - particularly the fast twitch muscles. If you want to have the reflexes, the fast twitch muscles, and the strength to keep yourself from falling down you need to train fast.

Bobby (pictured above) is a sprinter, he's at the gym twice a week working on a special program with Randy and he just turned 78. His friend, Dave, and our resident artist just wrote this wonderful blog post about his 78th birthday. Check it out, and see how important it is to never stop strength training.


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