Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Colorado Classic Results

Coach Randy planning strategy during the meet.
This weekend our Weightlifting Team was competing at the Colorado Classic at Cutthroat Athletics.  Here's Randy's summary of the meet stolen directly from his Facebook posting:
A pretty good day for the Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team at the Colorado Classic put on by Cutthroat Athletics yesterday, solid individual performances all around. 105kg Jeremy hit all time meet PRs with 301 total, closing out the meet and lifting more than all the "kids" (absolute weight lifted and 328.9 Sinclair total and 368.8 SMF total) winning Best Master Lifter. Our newest team members Cheryl and Anji both had personal best days. Coming back from a shoulder injury, Mandi got her very first 6 for 6 meet. Nicholas had a great first meet taking 3rd place in the Junior division. Kelsey Clark, also in her first meet, had a solid 5 for 6 performance. And Cleo put together a solid 5/6 day with PR snatch, clean and jerk and total! 
These performances gave us 3rd place men's team and 2nd place Women's Team. 
Next stop: Colorado State and Open in January!
If you want to try a meet, talk to Randy. He can put together a program for you. No experience necessary, he'll teach you everything you need to know. Ask Josh how well a cycle of Weightlifting worked for him. Last year he spent a full meet cycle with Randy and now he lifts so much better than I could have ever taught him. We have a very low-pressure team, so don't worry about being a good lifter before you join.

Our artist-in-residence, Dave, was at the meet taking photos. The full link to his album is here. If you see a photo you like, please support him by buying a photo.


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