Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Liz's 7-day Carb Test results #7daycarbtest

Liz finished up her seven-day carb test and we have her experience outlined below. If you remember Melissa and Michael's tests, you noticed a pattern of hypoglycemia which was evidence of low carb tolerance. Liz is the first report to show that she can handle carbs pretty well.

Liz and I tease each other a lot, she keeps telling me that I shouldn't eat so much meat and it's going to kill me (she always makes me take a token amount of salad when we eat at her house). I tell her that she should eat more meat because the donuts will kill her. The thing is, we're both right. I am not very carb tolerant, you can tell that because I have a good deadlifting gut that I've slowly put on since opening the gym - it's because I'm currently eating too much sugar. Liz is can eat the same amount of carbs that I do and not gain weight because her biochemistry works well with carbs.

That's why these tests are so important: you need to know how things work for you. If you want to run the test let me know, I'll get the glucometer to you when it makes its way back to the gym.

Here are Liz's results, brought to you by your local graphic designer and deadlifter -  check out her professional site here:

Day 1
apples: 99
Boy that was a lot of apples. After eating them I felt very hungry but good. Did work out previous night which might have contributed to the hunger.

Day 2 
sweet potatoes: 96
Hungry afterwards but felt good. Did NOT work out previous night.

Day 3 
white rice: 111
Not too hungry. Felt pretty satisfied. Did eat snack afterwards because was going to exercise.

Day 4 
oatmeal: 91
The most satisfied and least hungry I've felt. Content. Full. Not hungry. No crashing. Worked out previous night.

Day 5 
white potatoes: 111
I felt really hungry near the two hours after eating my 2 cups of dry yet salty potatoes. I was kind of desperate to eat something else soon after. I also had a headache but I don't know if that's related. My conclusion is that I should avoid potatoes unless it's Thanksgiving. I also didn't eat lunch yesterday and worked out the night before and ate a pretty big dinner. I was starving. This is enlightening. I always thought of white potatoes as benign.

Day 6 
blueberry donut covered in sugar: 103
Well this is good news, right? My body can tolerate a donut better than rice. I’m confused. Interestingly, I didn’t really want the donut. Perhaps because it’s more a mid-morning treat than Breakfast with a capital B. Or perhaps because my body knows a donut doesn’t satisfy. I didn’t feel awful but also didn’t feel energized. Even though I’m glad donuts and I are compatible, they don’t satisfy beyond the deliciousness of the moment. Duh.

Day 7
mixed fruit juice: 64
This was supposed to be orange juice but the cafe was out, so this was a combination of mango, apple, orange, and the juice from a couple of other fruits. I was satisfied for two hours but starving after three. The starvation came quickly. I miss the days when I believed fruit juice was healthy.

Thanks, Mike, for making this test available to us! As an overall healthy eater (at least by my standards), I realize I made a lot of assumptions about how beneficial (or not) these readily-available foods are.


row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


push press 8-5-3x5


5 Bulgarian split squats between strength sets

Group Workout

5 rounds:
3L, 3R kettlebell overhead squat 
4L, 4R kettlebell back squat


4 rounds as quickly as possible:
8 inchworm + push up
8 high knee power jump


2x20 partial PVC pull over


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