Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Moon party tomorrow

photo credit: - Michael's astrophotography site 
Tomorrow at 6:30 AM is a lunar eclipse. It's also a full moon, a blue moon (the second full moon in a month), and a blood moon (not gory, just refers to a red-tinged shadow). You know what else is at 6:30 AM tomorrow? My new favorite class at Barbell Strategy! If you've been waiting to try Jeremy's early morning class, let's make tomorrow your first day. It will get you up and about to see the eclipse, and you'll get a great workout in too. I'd love to see a big turnout tomorrow. I know, it's hard when that early alarm goes off, but think how good it will feel to get your day started right. If I can do it, you can! See you at the moon party! (And if you read this too late, just come Thursday! No eclipse, but still a great class.)


row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


deadlift 8-5-3x5


5 heavy swings between sets

Group Workout

4 rounds:
6 kettlebell suitcase deadlift
6 half burpee
0:45 rest


EMOM 10:
15 heavy kettlebell swings


2 x 20 banded good morning


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