Monday, January 22, 2018

Use your fitness for fun: Learn to dance from Sarah

As part of our ongoing series of "Stuff we like from our members," this week we're highlighting Sarah. She teaches swing dance for Boulder Swing Dance. If you didn't see her over the holidays, that's because she and her dance partner were invited to Sweden (and she didn't even bring me back an old Saab, guess it's good I already have one) to take a special 5-day class. Sarah is so fun and positive, that you should take a class with her even if you don't like dancing!

Boulder Swing Dance is a local swing dance school offering classes all around Boulder County. Specializing in Lindy hop (danced in the 30s and 40s), the instructors take you from having never danced before all the way through being an advanced dancer, able to dance with other swing dancers all around the world. While swing dancing is energetic and fun, community is the biggest priority at Boulder Swing, and they make a point to make sure everyone feels welcome at classes, dances, and social events. A new beginner session starts every month, so it’s always a good time to jump in! Instructors are also available for performances, classes or workshops at events (including weddings!), and private lessons. On a weekly basis, they also offer Swing Sweat, a swing dance cardio fitness program (ed note: designed and programmed by Sarah).

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row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


press 8-5-3x5


2 TGUs between sets

Group Workout

6 rounds:
1L, 1R kettlebell clean + OHS + TGU 
rest 1:00 


6 rounds:
6 Inchworm + push up
6 pull ups
rest 0:30


2 x 20 pvc pull over 


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