Monday, February 26, 2018

Deload week / TSC prep skill work

If you're on the strength program, this is deload week. Next week is test week and the start of the TSC prep program. Deload week isn't very scientific - we just give you a pretty light load so that you can recover from last week and get ready for test week. So if you want a head start on some skill work before the TSC prep program, let us know.  We'll be happy to substitute some fun kettlebell work instead of the same old powerlifting stuff. As long as it's not heavy, you can do anything fun.


row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


squat 5-3-3-3x3


5 pull-ups between sets

Group Workout

4 rounds:
3L, 3R kettlebell overhead squat


Kettlebell swing ladder, increase weight each set:


2 minute bar hang


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