Thursday, March 8, 2018

Explaining my notation

This is a picture from a common core math test last year. The internet went crazy that question 1 was marked wrong, when in their opinion it's right. Now, I'll never defend common core math, having tutored a kid in that, I've seen how dumb it is. Math is art and problem solving, it is not turning the crank the way that bureaucrats think you should do it. But since the government is all about making good rule followers, I guess it's meeting it's goal.

But I digress...

It is correct that this question was marked wrong. The multiplication operator (x) has two operands, the multiplier (the first one) and the multiplicand (the second one). The first one tells you how many times to repeat the second one.

The result of A x B (for real numbers) may be equal to B x A, but they have different meaning (they are not equivalent). Multiplication isn't commutative with matrices, to they're not even equivalent in that space.

If I have 5 boxes of 3 oranges, I may have 15 oranges, just like if I have 3 boxes of 5 oranges. However, the meaning is different.

The same goes for sets and reps. I choose to use the mathematical definition and write sets x reps. 5 sets of 3 squats is different than 3 sets of 5 squats even if you end up doing 15 squats either way.

So when I write 8-5-3x5, what does that mean in English?

Do a set of 8 squats 
Add some weight
Do a set of 5 squats
Add some weight
Do 3 sets of 5 squat at the new weight

I know most of you already know this, we've just had a bunch of new members, I needed to repeat my rant.

But what about the Russians? They write it backwards. Most of weightlifting comes from the former Soviet Bloc so their notation has infiltrated our sport and that's why there's confusion (same with kilos). This also means that if you're in Jeremy's kettlebell class, you'll see a different notation (he was trained by the Russians).

Since we're in America, I'm going to use our convention.

Today's Workout

squat 8-5-3x5
2 wide-grip pull-ups between sets


next step in pull-up progression and
deadlift 5x35%, 5x50%, 5x75%, 5x70%


AGT day:
1 arm swing, bell size +1, 5x(10R+10L)/1:00
TGU, bell size +1 5x(1R+1L)/2:00