Monday, March 19, 2018

Hardstyle TSC Peaking Phase

The S&C class started the TSC prep program two weeks ago, and this week the Hardstyle Kettelbell class starts the TSC peaking phase.

I didn't realize that Jeremy was tracking everyone's maxes and personally customizing the program for you in real time. That's awesome! But it's way too much busywork for Jeremy. You guys are smart enough to manage your own program.

Here's the next 4 weeks of the program. I copied it directly from Jeremy's spreadsheet. All you need to do is make a copy of this, fill in the yellow boxes with your maxes (or what ever percentage of your max Jeremy wants you to use) and you'll have your calculations done.

I didn't have enough time to make this fancy like my normal strength program where I do the math for you and just send your a PDF. We'll get that together soon, but until then, be prepared for class and have your personal spreadsheet handy.

Today's Workout

clean 5-3-4x3
5 heavy swings between sets


next step in pull-up progression and
deadlift 5x35%, 5x50%, 5x80%, 5x75%


medium snatch day:
snatch, bell size +1, 8x(6R+6L)/1:00