Friday, April 13, 2018

How to find us for the TSC

Click here for an interactive map.
If you're from the area and looking to get to Barbell Strategy for the Tactical Strength Challenge, here's how you find us:

We are hidden in the back of the BaseMar shopping center at the intersection of Baseline and Broadway. Our address is 2576 Baseline Rd.

Park in the main parking lot and then walk between the east building where Whole Foods used to be and the south building where The Egg and I restaurant used to be. It's hard to give instructions when all of our land marks have left :) And google maps never accepts my updates to point to the back of the building.

We plan on getting started at 10:00.

The we'll have two flights for the deadlift - a women's bar and a men's bar. 3 attempts, weight only goes up, just like a regular weightlifting meet. Have your opening weights ready.

Pull-ups should go quickly, it doesn't take long to get your max count.

And then we'll figure out how to get everyone thorough the 5 minute test.

We hope to be done in 2 hours.

Friends and family are welcome.

If you've never been here before, be sure to create and account and sign a waiver here:

Today's Workout

bench press 5-3-3-3x3


deadlift 5x35%, 5x50%


light AGT day:
1 arm Swing, bell size +0, 3x(10R+10L)/1:00
TGU, bell size +0 3x(1R+1L)/2:00