Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kinstretch is back! This time for real!

We had a bunch of scheduling issues getting the Kinstrech classes going again. But this time we got it sorted out. We're going to start with three classes in April: this Saturday, and then we skip a Saturday for the TSC (you'll be there for that, right?), and then the last two Saturdays in April. 

The price is $25 for members (and $30 for the public, so bring your friends).

If we get enough attendance to those three we'll continue into May with even more options.

This will replace the S&C class on these Saturdays!

Today's Workout

snatch 5-3-2-4x2
5 heavy swings between sets


next step in pull-up progression and
deadlift 5x35%, 5x50%, 5x80%, 5x75%


medium snatch day:
snatch, bell size +1, 8x(6R+6L)/1:00