Friday, April 27, 2018

What about protein shakes?

Jackie felt bad for me for not having any ranting topics so she asked about protein shakes.

Eat real food. Chew your food. Don't drink calories.

Your body has a very complex set of feed-forward and feedback loops that control how food is processed. Smelling, tasting, and chewing food aren't just there to slow you down. Your body processes those senses and sends signals to the rest of your body to get ready for the food.

If you slam a protein shake your body doesn't get to sense what's coming its way until it's all in your stomach. If it's just a shake, your stomach doesn't have anything to do so it goes right through and starts to get absorbed. Then your blood sugar spikes and your body has to overreact with insulin an all kinds of bad things happen.

If you take your time to smell and taste your food, your body knows what to expect. It starts a drip of insulin to get things started. If you chew your food, that extends the impulse of all of those calories hitting at once. Then your stomach has extra work to do and that slows things down more. By then your body is all ready for the food.

These complex systems can also work against you in our evolutionary novel environment: smelling your coworker's donuts can trigger an insulin response that make it hard to mobilize fat to burn. There is a physiological response - your neighbor can make you fat just by the smell.

That's also why non-nutritive sweeteners are also bad for you. Your body recognizes the sweet and starts the insulin going and then no sugar ever shows up for it to work with.

Eating a evolutionary-inspired diet is more than the carrot train to crazy town, it about eating foods that our bodies know how to process in the way our bodies expect to process it.

Instead of slamming a protein shake, just eat more bacon.

Today's Workout

with a barbell:

squat 5-3-3-3x3
5 pull-ups between sets

then, with a kettlebell:

press 5x(2+2) heavy
double clean 3x5 light
half snatch 3x(5+5) light
double front squat 5x5 medium