Monday, April 9, 2018

What's this Hardstyle Kettlebell class all about?

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I've been nagging Jeremy to write about what his Hardstyle Kettlebell class is all about. He has a really good take on S&C and how to do it intelligently, and I wanted you to hear about it from him directly. It's good that we found each other because there are very few gyms and coaches that have our lazy strong approach to fitness.

HARDSTYLE Strength and Conditioning

As a college strength and conditioning coach for 14 years, I saw the fitness industry's version of strength and conditioning, and I’m not a fan. Constant high intensity interval training (HIIT) causes adrenal fatigue, constant soreness, and not much improvement. Too much variety/randomness, a lack of individualization, and little to no progression will leave you weak, unable to make progress, or, even worse, injured. Not every training session should leave you feeling like you have taken repeated shots the to the groin. Mobility work and corrective exercise probably needs to be a part of every average person’s program, if not every day, at least at some point.

In Hardstyle Strength and Conditioning you will learn proper movement mechanics and high tension techniques to increase strength utilizing the barbell, kettlebell, and your own bodyweight. Class periodization is based off Eastern Bloc methodology and will increase skill and overall body resilience. Weakness will disappear as strength sneaks up on you.

Conditioning will primarily consist of alactic power and aerobic capacity work. Aerobic capacity builds the size of your gas tank and allows you to perform higher amounts of work throughout the day without getting tired/fatigued. Alactic power is speed and power work. Typically, as we age, we lose muscle elasticity, type II-X muscle fibers, speed and power. This makes us more susceptible to falling injuries and hurts quality of life.

If you want to look and be stronger, if you have been beaten up or injured by typical fitness industry strength and conditioning classes, come give Hardstyle Strength and Conditioning a try.

Today's Workout - start lowering the intensity this week

squat 5-3-3-3x3


deadlift 5x35%, 5x50%, 5x75%


AGT day:
1 arm swing, bell size +0, 5x(10R+10L)/1:00
TGU, bell size +0 5x(1R+1L)/2:00