Monday, May 14, 2018

Jeremy's last week

Be sure to get in Monday through Wednesday mornings this week to get your last workouts in with Jeremy. The trouble with having great coaches is that they leave to go do the whole open-a-gym thing themselves. Jeremy is heading back to California to start his own brand of strength training. I know it's going to be great, and we're really going to miss him.

Tuesday after Weightlifting Club everyone is meeting at Verde to wish him well. Let Randy know if you're going so he can get a count for reservations.

Amy is going to continue running the Hardstyle class MWF through the summer, and then we'll figure out what we're doing for the fall and winter.  Keep an eye on the schedule (here) - we'll be moving classes around as we figure out what works best.

Today's Workout

with a barbell:

snatch 5-3-2-5x1
5 heavy swings between sets


1-arm swings 10x10/0:30
TGU 10x1/1:00