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Are your activities longer than 2 minutes in length? You're an endurance athlete. We have a free 12-week strength-based, easy-to-follow, safe-for-your-body endurance program for you. This 41-page guide contains the theory behind our nutrition and strength programming as well as 60 workouts for you to use to improve your performance in your sport in a safe and healthy way.

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More is not better. Suffering is not optimizing. The Barbell Strategy approach to endurance training is different than the approach the rest of the industry takes. Conventional advice about endurance training is that you actually need to “endure” your workouts, suffer, and put in lots of time and long distances - breaking down your body!

We focus on health, rest, and listening to your body. Instead of giving you long workouts to suffer through, this program puts you in charge of own workouts with shorter, easier workouts. Our strength-based approach will give you better results while still being kind to your body. And you'll have more fun since you won't be suffering for hours out on the road.