Get Started

We would love to have you join us at Barbell Strategy. We welcome people of all fitness levels because we believe everyone can benefit from strength training and smart conditioning. There are two ways to get started at Barbell Strategy.

First, you can jump right in to our group classes. Our classes are small and you will get plenty of personal attention. We will take care to introduce you to strength and skill movements using a progression that allows you to learn safely and improve over time. In workouts, you will always perform a movement that is appropriate for your ability. That may be different from what your neighbor is doing, but the spirit of the workout will be the same for everyone so that you can experience a team atmosphere every class. In addition to a workout, we will leave plenty of time each class for instruction without time pressure.

If you would like a more private, focused introduction to the movements we do, we also offer a structured fundamentals program under our personal training, after which you can comfortably transition to group classes.

We are located at 2576 Baseline Road, in the Basemar Shopping Center on Baseline between 27th and Broadway. We're hidden in the back of the center behind The Egg and I restaurant.

To help streamline things, we'd really appreciate it if you create an account in our system and sign the waiver (which will be emailed to you when you create the account) before you come to the gym. There's no obligation if you create an account, we just like to have all of the paperwork out of the way.

2576 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO  80305