About Us

Our mission at Barbell Strategy is to improve your physical and psychological health with smart, efficient training and support. With our backgrounds in physical science, behavioral science, and neuroscience, we have learned how to separate the signal from the noise to identify what you need to be healthy, strong, and happy.

We offer strength training, structured skill development, and efficient metabolic conditioning. We will help you to avoid injury, focus on your overall health, and build upon solid foundations of technique and strength. We use simple tools to build strength: barbells and kettlebells. We are a learning-focused gym that is beginner-friendly but that can also serve professional athletes. We strive for efficient training, finding the minimum effective dose that gets you stronger without compromising your health, contributing to your stress, or risking injury. 

Specifically, we offer:

We support training with a whole-foods approach to nutrition, backed by evolutionary biology. Encouraging health also means prioritizing sleep, stress reduction, and sufficient recovery. We share our insights and discoveries on training and health on our daily blog.

Interested in checking us out? Just drop in to any of our classes for free and see our unique approach to health and fitness. Our schedule is here.