We have a unique approach to fitness.


At Barbell Strategy, our mission is to improve your physical and psychological health with smart, efficient training and support. Our coaches have spent years distilling what you need to be healthy, strong, and happy, and our ever-evolving programs reflect decades of combined experience.

Our approach is simple - pick up a barbell or a kettlebell.

New to strength training?

Barbells and kettlebells may sound scary, or you may not know what to do with them. That’s okay! Our coaches are there to guide you from the beginning, no previous experience required. We are with you through every movement to show you what it is and how to do it in the safest and most effective way in a low pressure atmosphere. We firmly believe strength training is for everyone, regardless of fitness level, body type, or age.

Experienced lifter?

We are a learning-focused gym, and there is always more to learn! If you’re experienced with barbells, try kettlebells, or vice-versa. Our coaches are there to guide you and help you with technique to get you closer to your goals, whether that means getting stronger in general, competitive lifting, or using strength to advance other active hobbies.



Our unofficial motto. We don’t support the idea that you have to destroy your body every single time you work out to see results, or that being so sore you can’t walk for three days means you’re building the most muscle. “Feeling the burn” isn’t always the best for your body, and science backs us up! We create our programs so you lift safely, efficiently, and effectively with plenty of time for the body to recover. Read more here about our unique approach to strength and conditioning.

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With a holistic approach to strength training, we also value taking care of our bodies. We offer Rossiter and Kinstretch as two ways to prevent injury and increase mobility.

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If you’re local to Boulder, checking out gyms, drop in to any of our classes for free and see our unique approach to health and fitness. Check out our schedule here.