Taylor Completed the Grand Traverse Triple Crown this year!


Here’s a great way to use your fitness: In march Taylor skied from Crested Butte to Aspen - 40 miles, I think 20-some hours. And then on Labor Day weekend, he ran the same course in about 10 ish hours followed by a reverse trip on a mountain bike the next day.

This is serious back-country high-altitude endurance work with tons of elevation gain. His training was two days a week of AGT and strength at the gym plus a bunch of long slow distance at altitude on the weekend. It’s almost like what we say actually works!

He was able to train all year for this even and never got injured! That’s really the benefit of the strength training. He absolutely needed to put the time in on the trail all year (like running the entire switz every weekend - right past my old house!), but without being strong he would have had some over-use injuries. The consistent work paid off!

Congratulations Taylor!

Michael Deskevich