The Vegerati are Coming, The Vegerati are Coming

You get to eat more added sugar than you do beef on this diet and industrial vegetable oils.

You get to eat more added sugar than you do beef on this diet and industrial vegetable oils.

If you have been following any of the goings on in the world of nutrition, you are probably aware of the slow slog towards undoing the bad science that gave us the lipid hypothesis of heart disease and the low fat, high carbohydrate USDA "heart healthy" dietary recommendations of the 80s. Science author Gary Taubes should probably get credit for leading the charge with his NYT Magazine Cover Article back in 2002 "What If It's All Been a Big Fat Lie"  Five years later, Taubes published "Good Calories, Bad Calories," a tour de force dismantling of the dietary guidelines which were based not on hard scientific evidence from random control trials, but on the soft and shifting sands of epidemiological studies which used cherry picked population data to support what turned out to be very faulty hypotheses.

The author Michael Pollan created a slogan from his research and writing on what constitutes a healthy diet: "Eat Real Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants." His documentary film "In Defense of Food" fauns over Seventh Day Adventist life spans, the plant based diet proponent and Harvard academic Walter Willett and former Cornell nutrition scientist Brian Wansink. However, in the film, Pollan neglects to mention that the SDA diet is a religious, not scientific diet or that Willett was an acolyte, friend and colleague of Ancel Keyes (the scientist who bullied everyone down the primrose path of low fat diets).

After the film came out, Wansink became a "former" professor because all of the published work Pollan featured in the film turn out to have been falsified.


Lately, the forces of Veganism have been organizing and gathering to present their own version of what humans should eat and why: the latest and most ambitious iteration being Eat-Lancet 
Eat-Lancet is funded in large measure by the Norwegian billionaire vegan Gunhild Stordalen and is using the scientific cache of the British medical journal The Lancet to push their agenda. (Oh, and it's no accident that Walter Willett is co-chair of Eat-Lancet. )Their goal to feed the planet in an environmentally sustainable fashion is laudable but their means and their science are, well, questionable. They basically want governments to pass laws and enact taxes to make you eat your vegetables. Oh, and take away your meat. Well, most of your meat at least.

Anyway read the links above and make up your own minds about it, but here are a couple of graphics that show what Eat-Lancet is lobbying the government to tell you to eat. They certainly have captured the "mostly plants and not too much" exhortations of Pollan, but they really miss the mark with fats: vegetable oils, generally speaking, are industrial products sold as food, but not "real" food. 

The Vegerati are Coming!! Are you ready? 

Randy Hauer