Lots of PRs at the TSC


On saturday, we did our semiannual tradition of hosting the TSC. We had 10 folks from outside the gym show up - many regulars who come ever 6-months to visit us.

I think everyone that I regularly work with set a deadlift PR on Saturday, and I think many of the morning folks did too!

It was refreshing to only have to judge the 5:00 snatch test this year. Maybe you guys can talk me into competing in the fall.

Special thanks to Enrique and Michelle Jackson who came to be our judges, and our very own Margaret for helping load the bar and keeping track of the math so we had the right weight on the bar. It’s great that the strength community comes together like this. These events like small-town races, nothing fancy and formal, just a bunch of like-minded folks getting together to have fun.

See you in 6 months!

Michael Deskevich