Programming Available Online Now!

Sarah testing out an experimental kettlebell protocol

Sarah testing out an experimental kettlebell protocol

Did you read yesterday’s post about how Randy’s athletes did awesome in their competitions over the weekend?

Well, that’s because he’s a great coach with great programming.

What doesn’t make the blog are the tons of folks who don’t compete, but are now stronger, more fit and are more able to enjoy the active Colorado lifestyle.

All of the coaches here love to geek out on programming ideas and methods. Theory can only get you so far, so we the gym as our laboratory to test and develop great things.

We are starting to capture those great programs and now they’re available to the entire world - not just those lucky enough to live in Boulder.

Blake just created a series of Kettlebell Foundations to get you started on the basic movements. I’ve included some of my specialty programs that I’ve tested over the years. We have Randy’s Lord of The Lifts program that showed great success last weekend (and a bunch of PRs in the gym for folks who weren’t even competing in the event). And of course, we offer custom programs built just for you.

Our philosophy is simple programming that doesn’t beat you down. Basic movements. Time-tested loading and volume patterns. Smart anti-glycolytic training. You finish the workout feeling better than when you started!

Our Programming Library Is Now Available Here

We will be adding to this constantly as we test and refine some of our ideas. We have some great things planned! Everything in our library has been tested by real folks at the gym, so we know it works or it wouldn’t be there.

Michael Deskevich