Big PRs last week! But I'm not surprised.

Yesterday, I reposted one of Amy’s old posts about being consistent in training and letting the results come slowly. That happened yet again last week. On the scheduled heavy deadlift day I had a few of my regulars not follow the prescribed program and instead re-test their deadlift. They had been coming in regularly for months, and I could see that when they were following the program, the weights they were using looked too light.

I wanted them to get a new max to base percentages off of. I knew they’d do well. One got a 50lb PR and another got 60lbs! And neither of those was a true 1RM. I called it after they started slowing down on their pulls. They likely had another 30lbs each in them.

That’s yet another example of consistent, quality practice at relatively low weights causing dramatic changes in strength. The prescription is simple: come in consistently, follow the program. Progress will be slow, but lasting. If you put the work in, you’ll be surprised what you can do.

Michael Deskevich