Maybe there is something to this whole Antiglyoclytic Training thing

As you guys know, I’ve been pretty infatuated with Antiglycolytic Training ever since Randy got back from the Strong Endurance course he took last year. It’s something that always felt like the right idea to me, but I didn’t really ever research it or understand why it works.

Now, I definitely believe the “why”. But I’m still shocked when it actually does work.

In my year without barbells I spent most of that time doing A+A (Alactic + Aerobic, my favorite version of AGT) work and a bit of LSD (long slow distance) - though I did just recently cut out the rowing - it was not being friendly to my quads. So how did all of that A+A work treat me?

I recently did a quick 5:00 snatch test - I’m contemplating gong the SFG I course, where I’ll need to do 100 in 5:00 and I wanted to see if I still had it. Since I’m in #lazystrong mode I decided to do a timed 100, rather than a full 5:00 test. Normally when I do a 5:00 snatch test, I’m at 4:40ish when I reach 100 - this time I reached 100 in 4:10, my fasted time ever! And that’s with no strength-endurance snatch training - and the only other time where I did high rep snatches was last TSC 6 months ago! I guess all those short sets of 3-5 with the 40kg really makes the 24kg trivial!

Another example of the WTH effect!

Michael Deskevich