Getting ready for swimsuit season

Swimsuit season in Colorado

Swimsuit season in Colorado

April is still winter in Colorado, but we can start to get ready for summer now. We've been doing a pretty consistent template since January, and we’re due for a little change starting next week.

Our Q1 programming was a little extra boring. That was on purpose - I wanted to focus on a small number of movements, really train them and make sure you got in AGT every day.

It was kind of scary how well the AGT every day worked! I’ve seen at least one person who now find the Simple Standard (10x10 32kg swings every 0:30 followed by 10x1 32kg TGUs every 1:00) actually simple! Usually that’s a workout that borders on making you question your life choices but now after 3 months of (admittedly very easy) AGT work it’s trivial.

Now we’ll take a little break. We’re going to focus on high-volume barbell strengh work. That will help you put on some size for swimsuit season. We’ll still be doing AGT, but not as much because we won’t have time in class to hit the barbell and do AGT. Cycling the modality is good too, it gives you a little break.

We’ll be simplifying our pattern a bit: Movement #1 is skill/warm-up. Don’t go crazy heavy, use this to get moving. Movement #2 and #3 are Barbell work. The weight for #2 is simply Light/Medium/Heavy - use your judgment. For #3, I prescribe sets, reps, and weight. This is where you’ll want to focus your energy. Then we finish up with A+A or pull-ups for the final movement.

I tested it, and you can easily get done in under an hour if you don’t get distracted.

Have fun!

Michael Deskevich