Tactical Strength Challenge - May 4

It’s that time of the year for the semi-annual Tactical Strength Challenge. We’ll be hosting it officially for anyone who wants a real score on the leaderboard. But even if you don’t want a world-wide score, we still want you to compete and add energy and excitement to the competition.

When: Saturday, May 4. We’ll have the doors open at 10:00AM and start the first flight of lifting at 10:30AM.

This is open to the public, you don’t need to be a member to participate.

What is the TSC? It’s only my favorite competition of the year! We compete world-wide with gyms everywhere on the same day. There are three events, Deadlift, Pull-ups, and Kettlebell Snatch.

You get three attempts to put a 1RM deadlift - weightlifting rules apply for the flights.

One attempt at max reps of pull-ups before you come off the bar.

And a 5:00 snatch test - max reps of Kettlebell Snatch in five minutes. Fun!

Official rules are here.

SFG Enrique Jackson will be our judge for anyone who is getting an official score. I’m so happy that he volunteered to help out out again this year!

If you’re planning on attending, please enroll in the event here so that I know how many people to expect.

And finally, if you’ve never been to Barbell Strategy, please create an account and sign the waiver. I just want to have all the lawyer-y stuff done before you arrive.

See you all on the 4th…be there! It’s mandatory for my people.

Michael Deskevich