New hardstyle programming for the fall

It’s time to start a new cycle with a new emphasis. We spent the last couple of months really focused on the powerlifts. I always like to do a dedicated intense strength cycle in the summer when you can take advantage of all of the good growth hormones that the sun gives you.

Now we start our long slow depressing slide into cold and darkness.

I’m going to transition to a simpler program that’s easier to modify day-to-day as you judge how your feeling. The pattern for the next couple of months will be:

Kettlebell strength-endurance warm-up - use this as check-in time with your body. Go heavy enough that it’s a challenge, but don’t go crazy. Even start light and add weight each set.

Olympic lift - we’ll do an easy-strength style structure on the Olympic lifts - one lift each day, so you’ll get a ton of practice. Don’t go crazy heavy on this unless you’re feeling it. This is practice time!

Powerlift - we’ll use a Soviet wave structure on the main powerlift of the day. I prescribe it only as light-medium-heavy. Keep a log so you know what that means for you for each lift. I’m going to use Blake’s rules here: if you lift more than 100 (well, 95 since you’re not allowed to use the 2 1/2 plates) then the 5 pound plates are also off limits. That means all weight jumps are 20 lbs. You need to own a weight before you go up when you’re making 20 lbs jumps. Focus, concentrate, and know your lifts!

Carry/AGT - and we’ll end the day with a carry or heavy AGT.

Be sure to self-regulate here. This should be easy enough that you can do it all 5 days.

Michael Deskevich