Boulder Carnivore Conference


Be nice to Blake tonight. I won’t be in for the evening class. I’ll be hanging out with the worlds experts in Carnivory. Can you believe that in the vegetarian capital of the world, we’re hosting the first Carnivore conference?

There seems to be lots of anecdotal evidence that going full carnivore can really help some nagging health problems and even improve performance. I’m almost there myself, and I’m thinking about giving it a try. I still have a salad at dinner - that’s my only non-meat-based food - so it should be pretty easy to go full carnivore soon.

If nothing else, it’s catered by Blackbelly, so that’s at least worth the price of attendance.

I’m excited to meet Shawn Baker and Dave Feldman - two guys I’ve followed in the blogosphere for a while. You’ll probably hear me talk about this incessantly the next couple of weeks.

Michael Deskevich