When Fitness is Part of your Job

One of the things I love about our programming is that it’s ideal for the Boulder lifestyle. People come into the gym during the week, so a deceptively easy workout, and then go the mountains to enjoy their fitness on the weekends.

It’s a great plan because the its-not-a-workout-if-you’re-not-puking plan leaves you too sore to actually have fun.

The other place were our style of training would be perfect is for first responders. Police, fire, paramedics, military, all need to be fit and respond immediately. Their job depends on being strong and fit. Unlike the weekend warrior crowd, they can’t predict when they need to respond. So being strong and fast without ever being beat down from the gym is even more important!

I’ve had bad luck breaking into these teams though. I think what we do with the easy strength training and constant AGT for metabolic condition would be perfect - over the long term. I’ve known too many first responders who think that they need to train to exhaustion so that they can be ready for their job. Sure, you need to get used to working at the limit when lives are on the line, but you don’t need to beat yourself up every day with that. You’ll perform better when you’re not destroying your mitochondria in an acid bath.

Michael Deskevich