How are those New Year's Resolutions coming?


It’s been a month since we all resolved to lose weight…again.

If you tried a trendy high-intensity training gym or some other fad, is it working for you? Maybe now’s the time to try a new approach to fitness - one that focuses on building strength sustainably.

The next cycle of programming starts next week. It’s the perfect time to jump in. We don’t focus on health and building strength using only simple tools and simple movements. Our “cardio” is very uncardio like. You won’t feel like you got a workout, but you will get fitter. We don’t want to beat you down or yell at you or make you feel like you should be working harder. It’s unlike the rest of the fitness industry - but it actually works!

Make a plan and come in and get started. Don’t worry about if you didn’t follow through with your resolutions this year. Every attempt at restarting a habit helps wire your brain. Seriously! The neuroscience of habit forming (or breaking) shows that every time you attempt to make it to your goal helps rewire your brain, and make success more probable. Don’t wait until next year, (re)start now.

Michael Deskevich