Easy Strength - Kettlebell Version


East Strength is both a book and one of many “easy” strength protocols. I had forgotten about it lately. I used it early when we opened the gym and some folks wanted a dedicated strength program.

I liked how it worked out. It’s another one of those, “spend all your time at easy weights” type programs.

I’m going to take next month to do two round of Easy Strength, but we’ll be sticking with mainly kettlebell movements (since we just got off of a barbell cycle).

On the 2x5 days, pick bells for each exercise that are around your 8-10 rep-max. Don’t ever struggle or miss. I’ve been kind of lax about that lately. No failing on the 2x5 days!

On the 5-3-2 days, pick three good weights and go up. No struggles!

On the 6x1 days, we’re going for 6 heavy singles. No failures, but significant struggle

And on the 1x10 day, go crazy light and use it at recovery after the 6x1 days.

For the month of March there shall be no missed reps. We’ll get to go heavier in April, so just use this as prep work.

For those of you who were complaining about all the deadlifts last cycle - well, we’re sticking with them again. Remember, this is a frequency-over-intensity program - so be smart with your weights. A set of 5 should be your 8-10RM, not any specific percentage.

Michael Deskevich