Boulder Carnivore Convention - First Thoughts


I’m finally getting around to digesting the carnivore convention that we went to last week. On one hand, is was really exciting to be at the first one of these things just as the movement it taking off. But on the other, I really didn’t learn anything new, it was just a refinement of the Paleo message that I’ve been involved in since nearly the beginning.

I was part of the first wave of paleo back when it was getting started. There were no paleo products, no paleo cookbook, not paleo marketers making tons of money. The reason that paleo really took off was that it was that the message made sense if you sat down and thought about it, it was easy to try, and once you tried it you felt so good that you stuck with it. It’s been responsible for helping a huge portion of the population get healthier.

But of course, no intervention is 100% perfect. That’s where I see this carnivore movement really taking off. Some of the people that paleo couldn’t help got good results from a paleo-keto approach. And those that were left out are now seeing great success in a 100% carnivore approach.

To me this is just an evolution and refinement of the message, not a full reframing of the problem:

Why eat paleo? Grains are bad for you.

Why eat paleo-keto? Carbs in general are bad for you.

Why eat carnivore? Plants in general are bad for you.

It’s fits my via negativa approach - keep subtracting until you find what works for you.

There is lots of evidence that plants really are out to kill you. And if I did learn anything new at this conference is that there’s no really first-principles since that has ever been done that shows that plants are good for you.

I know, you’re probably saying “What? Of course they’re good for you!” But really it’s all marketing that aligns with our cognitive biases - it feels like it should be right to eat vegetables so we keep looking for reasons why they’re good.

I’ll dig more into that later, but for now - if you’re not feeling 100% perfect, why not give carnivore a try for a month or two? Apparently it’s so good that just about everyone who tries it feel so good they stick with it. And from my point of view, it’s just an evolution of the paleo movement, it’s not a big shift.

Michael Deskevich