Afternoon Slump? Is it your diet?


I’m slowly transitioning to being more and more carnivore and I’m thinking more about the conference I went to last month.

I went into paleo over ten years ago and I did it as a quick transition. It was hard, but I also didn’t have the stress of kids so I was able to pretty quickly transition.

I noticed all kinds of great things, like my perma-sniffle went away, tons of energy, lots of muscle gains at the same time as fat loss. Over all, it was great!

I kind of slid a bit away from pure paleo - don’t worry, I avoid all gluten and bad oils and all of the critical stuff! But as the paleo-marketing has taken over, it’s easier to get paleo treats. And when browsing the aisles at Costco, it’s easy to pick up some “paleo bars” that really aren’t 100%.

I was up last night because my joints were aching - probably the gluten free homemade sourdough pancakes that we had for breakfast. And all day I was tired and cranky (though, that may be because of the kids).

I remember at the carnivore conference, when we came back from lunch (which as actually enough food for me!) everyone was jolly and alert. So much different than any other conference I have ever been at. Usually, you reserve the D-list speakers for the after lunch spot because no one is paying attention - they’re just trying to keep their eyes open. This time the headliners were scheduled after lunch, and everyone was refreshed after a big bolus of meat and the audience participation was the best.

Reflecting on that (while I was up all night dealing with my achy joints), I decided that its time to cut the technically correct paleo treats and try to dial in the carnivore to be a bit more strict. So today starts my “Three-C Carnivore Challenge” - Carnivore, Coffee, and Chocolate. I’m hoping that by dialing in the strictness, I can start to get out of my energy slump.

Michael Deskevich