New cycle for February


I love boring programs. I stick with the same thing for long chunks of time, but I know that not everyone enjoys the boredom. So it’s time for a same-but-different change in the program.

Don’t worry! The theme of #lazystrong and AGT are still the focus here. We’re just changing up the movements a little. I’m sure you’re all tired of doing KB press, KB snatch, KB clean, and KB squats…so now it’s time for BB press, BB snatch, BB press, and BB squats.

Format for February

#1 TGUs - I’m sticking with the TGU check-in warm-up for all of Q1. So that doesn’t change.

#2 Skill - January was barbell skill/strength work, now it’s KB skill/strength work.

#3 Barbell Circuit - We’ll take my loose interpretation of the PlanStrong(tm) approach and do some more of my Monte Carlo Muscle barbell programming. Most of your lifts will be “Light” or around 70%, Medium is about 80% (round up), and Heavy is about 90% (round down). My approach this time is very similar to my 2018 Q4 Olympic weightlifting approach, I just cut the volume a little bit and spread out the sets over a few more movements. If you like what we did then, you’ll love this one.

#4 A+A Swings and Snatches - same as January

#5 Heavy carry - same as January

What about PRs and testing?

I don’t think that I’m going to do any test days for a while. I love what we’re doing right now. What I noticed in the last cycle is that if you keep working at 70% with VERY FEW excursions into the 80% or 90% range, very soon your 90% is better than your old 100%!

Last cycle we got a ton of surprise PRs. Folks were working on their heavy double and only after they were done did they realize that the doubled more than their old PR - and it was easy! Consistency trumps intensity. Doing 70% work every day (and yes, I do mean everyday - I program so that you can be here 5 days a week) builds better strength than going heavy and recovering from the stress.

So, let’s just keep letting strength sneak up on us for a few more cycles. My tentative plan is to take the week before the TSC and make that a test week. Folks participating in the TSC will use that as a taper and rest week (and then test at the TSC), everyone else can test some of the big lifts.

Michael Deskevich