Taking My Own Advice


I’m on record saying that everyone needs to be doing long slow distance outside the gym as a crucial part of your AGT work. I’ve been doing my share of strength training and A+A work, but I’ve been neglecting my own LSD work too. So to keep me honest and show that LSD is an important part of a well-rounded training schedule, here’s my log.

2-4 times a week I’m going to spend at least 30 minutes on the erg and keep my heart rate below 140 (my MAF number). Over time, I expect that with the same effort (as measured by heart rate) I’ll be able to go faster.

I’m including two charts below that will automatically update when I include a new entry in my log.

The top chart is my pace in blue for every workout and my average heart rate in red. Hopefully the blue line drops and the red line stays constant.

The bottom chart is a cool metric. If the goal is to be able to do more work for the same effort, I can compute the number of meters I row per heart beat. That number should rise over time. We’ll see.

Michael Deskevich