Masters version of Three Phase Power


We’re well into the first cycle of the Three Phase Power program and it seems to be working really well for everyone. People are getting stronger faster than the program is progressing. That’s always exciting to see!

Everyone doesn’t have the same goals, so it makes sense to be able to make smart modifications to the program. Here are some ideas based on what I do. You can use it as inspiration for your modifications.

I’m approaching the Three Phase Power program much like I did the original Kettlebell Triple Wave that inspired it. In fact, I have the whole thing up here as program for masters athletes. I approach the squat as therapy for my hips, so instead of 70/80/90 percent lifts, I tend to be around 55/65/75 percent and often double the volume. Since I’m cutting the weight, I still need something to stimulate muscle growth and the positive hormone cascade of goodness that lifting weights gives you, so I use the deadlift (you know, the best exercise) for that.

I like the way Josh described it: the deadlift is the huge catastrophic event that your body reacts to. So I do the deadlifts at 80/85/90 instead of 70/80/90. That’s sufficient for me to get full body strength and muscle growth (or really, delay age-related sarcopenia) with maybe a dozen lifts a week. It works really well.

Likewise, on the AGT days, I keep the swings light (24 kilo, which for me is really light) and fast. That keeps me powerful, and then on the snatch days, I go super heavy (40+kg) and cut the reps.

Both of those modifications are a way for me to increase the variance in the program, use certain movements as maintenance, and then play to my strengths on the other lifts.

I think for most people, this program is working as intended, but if you feel the need to switch things up, come talk to me and we’ll figure out the best way to fit it into your schedule.

Michael Deskevich