Playing with kids is like a road block on The Amazing Race

2018-06-07 10.50.44.jpg

See that lake behind Illy and me? I carried water from that lake for over an hour yesterday. 

I had the day off work for an appointment in the afternoon. Since I was home, I went out to Boulder Open Space and Mount Park's Nature Play Program in the morning at Teller Lake. I thought I'd just get to hang out in the shade while the kids went crazy. Turns out I was wrong.

They all wanted to play with water and mud and couldn't get water out of the lake safely, so I got to carry buckets of water up for them. Of course they spill it and I have to get more. and more. and more...for an hour.

It felt like a challenge on The Amazing Race: "For this road block, you need to carry a hundred buckets of water up this steep incline to keep the local children happy. When they are satisfied, you will be handed your next clue."

I never get to go to these kids events since I'm normally at work. What surprised me was how none of the other parents could participate. No one had the strength or balance to even walk off the trail, let alone carry buckets of water on steep uneven ground. And don't even mention endurance, the irrational toddlers don't understand why you need to stop, they just want the next bucket of water! Playing is hard work.

This is why we train here. It's not to set power lifting records. It's to be strong enough that we can do fun things. Getting strong should have a higher purpose. We put the effort in the gym so that the rest of your day goes better. You don't want to be worried about falling on an uneven trail unable to carry your kid. You want your time outside to be easy because you worked hard in the gym.

Michael Deskevich