The TSC will be official this fall!


Great news!

SFG Enrique Jackson from just down the road in Erie has graciously volunteered to judge the TSC for us this year! If you were hoping to get an official score, sign up now (hopefully by the time this post goes live, SF has updated us on their facility list)!

I know it's late notice, but if you get your registration done by the end of the month (that's this Friday), you'll get a free shirt. And who doesn't love free shirts.

Regardless if you want to make it official or not, you’ll still get to do it. Saturday October 27 at 10:00 AM, we’ll get started. Mark your calendars and be there! 

What is the TSC? You’ll participate in these three events 

3-attempts for a 1RM deadlift (powerlifting rules)
1 attempt for max reps strict pull-up
5 minutes for max reps kettlebell snatch

This is a really fun event. I’ve been doing it myself on and off for over 10 years now. No single person has and advantage. It tests your absolute strength (deadlift), relative strength (pull-ups) and strength endurance (snatch). Chances are you’re looking at one of the events, and thinking “yay! I can do that!”, and another event you’re dreading. That’s what makes this a super fun challenge. You get to work through your strengths and weaknesses.

There’s also something special about having to be “on” on a single day that you don’t get to choose. It makes you dig a little deeper and test your mettle. 

Performing in the spotlight in front of a (very friendly) crowd also makes you do your best. I always pull a PR deadlift in the TSC and it always feels like I have more in the tank. Even a misanthropic introvert like me can steal a lot of energy from the crowd.

Even if you don’t want to participate, too bad, you’ll be doing a prep program this fall. Our normal S&C programming will work on improving your strength and strength endurance so that the TSC just feels like another day in the office.

Michael Deskevich