Long term investment for your future

One of my favorite daytime TV commercials.

One of my favorite daytime TV commercials.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the analogy of AGT and money. Go read it now, if you haven't. 

As that post bounced around in my head, I noticed the parallels between our unhealthy population and the unprecedented widespread personal debt.

I think folks love to go their HIIT Functional Fitness classes for the same reason they rack up credit card debt. The quick hit of enjoyment and dopamine keeps you coming back.

It takes discipline to save for the future and not buy that next shiny new thing that you just need to have. Or to not go to the bar and buy a round for everyone. Or to not go on that Instagram worthy vacation just to make your friends feel bad.

It also takes discipline to consistently train in a smart way. You don't always have the daily feedback that you "got a good workout in". But just like compound interest is magic and can buffer you against disaster, being strong and having muscle will make you live longer and better.

Our consumer-centric media world is set up for short sound bites and quick fixes. That's why we eat take-out and fast casual (with bad oils), do HIIT training, and have tons of consumer debt. No one wants to understand the nuance of things, they just look for what makes them feel good right now.

I think that's why we're the nerd gym. The folks that gravitate to us understand the long game and playing it smart.

Michael Deskevich