Whatever happened to just doing work?


I found another new "fitness concept" that's trying to sell franchises. They do HIIT (surprise, surprise) and add in competitive heart rate monitoring (so that you can compete every workout), gah!  But what's really "new" and "innovative" and "scientific" is that they have infrared heaters to warm you up and keep you hot after the workout, and keep your heart rate at 84% (yes, they said 84%) of your max because that's the magic fat burning zone.


Just keeping you hot and stressing your body isn't going to magically burn fat. And if it does it's not going to make you a more resilient human.

It reminds me of the vibrating belt exercise machines that you saw in old TV shows - I remember Boss Hogg had one, but I couldn't find it in google image search. Yes I'm sure those make you tired and sore, but they sure don't make you stronger or thinner.  We laugh about it now, but we never learn. There's always some new fad to make you sweaty and tired and feel like you're getting a workout. But real workouts don't feel like workouts, you don't get sweaty and tired, you just get better - consistency is more important than intensity.

I'm happy to turn the fan off in the summer, that way you can get hot and in your fat burning zone. And that doesn't cost anything! In fact, that's a good point - we're a really green gym. We have no power hungry machines or heaters or big HD monitors to display your heart rate for everyone to see. Our electric bill (even with Randy's smoker) is less than a dollar a day. I guess it's time to market greenresultsfitness.com and sell franchises in Boulder. We can turn off the lights and do burpees in the dark. Maybe even add a mediation and mindfulness component where you just sit in the dark and be quiet. We can save energy and be trendy.

Seriously though, there's no short cut, and it's not the fancy stuff that makes you better. You get better by actually working - but not that hard, remember #lazystrong.

Michael Deskevich