When that "Evidence-based" approach doesn't work, come see us

photo credit -  Octane Crossfit

photo credit - Octane Crossfit

My friend and former workout partner, Regan, owns Octane Crossfit in Phoenix. Earlier this summer he put this sign up on the busy street in front of his gym. It quickly went viral (in the CF community…).

I was thrilled to see him call it out like this. The standard medical narrative is that you can only treat type 2 diabetes and that it will progressively get worse.

Weight training with a lot of attention to good diet can reverse type 2 diabetes. In fact, it’s probably the only thing that can do it. The standard CF stance on diet is really good. They may not be orthodox paleo, but they are darn close (and they’re actively attacking the sugar & soft drink industry).

My twitter feed was full all summer of ads for a Boulder County diabetes prevention program aimed at pre-diabetics (note: I hate the term pre-diabetes, by the time you have these problems, you’ve had chronic insulin resistance and already have damage. The medical distinction of pre-diabetes vs diabetes is just an ICD difference, not a practical difference). I followed the links and found topics like this in the curriculum. “Be a Fat and Calorie Detective,” “Three Ways to Eat Less Fat and Fewer Calories,” and “Tip the Calorie Balance”. (Since it’s put out by the feds, I’m going to ask to see the full curriculum.)

I’m sorry, folks, but fat and calories are not the drivers of diabetes. It’s a carbohydrate processing problem that’s probably triggered by polyunsaturated vegetable oils in the diet. All of these “evidence-based” programs are just repeating the same outdated theories from the 1940’s. What we’re doing isn’t working. It’s time for something different.

Come see us, we can do better than the (very expensive) program that’s being offered. We don’t want to manage the problem, we can reverse it - and you won’t need to count calories or avoid fat.

Michael Deskevich