Program options starting Monday


One thing that we do differently at Barbell Strategy (really, it would be easier to say what we do that’s the same as other gyms…) is that we don’t have a dictatorial programming style where everything is the same all the time. Starbucks and McDonalds strive for consistency, I strive for experimentation and letting the bad filter out over time. Recently Blake and I have been taking the S&C programming in slightly different directions.

Maybe I shouldn’t say different directions, because fundamentally, we believe in the same things. It might be more accurate to say that we just have different approaches for the same goal.

To help make that a little more clear, we’re going to call our programs with different names, both in the daily program that’s posted here and it the class name. Here’s our attempt at explaining what different options we are going to start offering.

You’ll get the best results if you stick to a single program for 4-6 weeks. Program hopping just doesn’t do anyone any good. But don’t feel obligated to always come to the same class time if it doesn’t fit your schedule. You can do either program at either class if you need to.

Hardstyle S&C

The Hardstyle class in the evening is centered around using the kettlebell and barbell. Most days we work on strength and power by mixing the grinds with the ballistic movements. We go heavy frequently! For your conditioning, we also mix in Alactic+Aerobic (A+A) Anti-glycolytic Training (AGT) with explosive kettlebell work and long kettlebell complexes.

Our plan in this class is to generate well-rounded strength for general health. We will revisit a core set of movements frequently plus have fun diversions into specific programs once in a while. I love the kettlebell lifts and the Olympic barbell lifts, you’ll see a lot of both! We focus on proficiency in very technical lifts. It doesn’t matter what your skill-level is - we love teaching!

Strategic Strength

Strategic Strength builds strength and power for the long-term. We strategically design this program with a novel approach of waving the load and volume that works equally well if you’re committed to showing up every day - you don’t need rest days - or if you have an unpredictable schedule - our progressions move slow enough so you won’t miss out by missing a day.

We’ll focus mainly on the power lifts - squat, press, deadlift - and basic kettlebell movements, revisiting them frequently so that you’ll become an expert in the movements. We focus on technique and safety and will always meet you where you are - all skill-levels are welcome!

Ski Prep

For the next 3 weeks, I’m doing an experimental wavy-load slightly-glycolytic ski prep program that uses kettlebell for a S&S-style approach to conditioning. If you know what that sentence means and you want to give it a try, come see me. You’ll be working on your own so you pretty much need to be an advanced student of kettlebells to take advantage of this.

Weightlifting Club and Sports Performance

Of course, we have to mention the Maestro here. Usually, you don’t wander in and just happen to work with Randy. You come to us specifically because you want expert coaching in Olympic Weightlifting or special programs for your sport. Randy has limited hours in the morning and evening, but if you’re willing to commit to working with him, it’s worth it. Randy’s available to all members if you want to take a 6+ week diversion into focused Olympic Weightlifting. This is the best way to learn the Olympic lifts, and Randy’s the best coach around.

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Michael Deskevich