Why it's good that I have a "real" job

Shall we play a game?

Shall we play a game?

I don’t talk much about my machine-learning-computer-vision-defense-contractor job very much. But, I not only host the #nerdgym where the area’s software and aerospace engineers meet to get strong - I’m one of those nerds too!

So, why is it a good thing for you that I am employed by the military industrial complex? It gives me some real freedom to do what’s right in the gym.

I was poking around other local gym’s websites over break. I always like to see what folks are doing for the New Year’s rush. I was not disappointed (or, really I was disappointed, just not surprised) - lots of 30- and 60- day challenges. Lots of pressure to sign up in 2018 to save in 2019. And lots of deals to get money early in hopes that people will drop out when the excitement wears off. Lots of booty-blasting high-intensity ads. All the stuff that I hate, but unfortunately pays the bills.

And that’s where my real job comes in. I don’t need the gym to make a ton of money - though believe me, I would love if it did. I would rather be teaching people how to get strong rather than teaching computers to detect targets. But since I have a bit of runway here, I can do what I believe in. I don’t need to skew the programming to be sexy and exciting. I don’t need to run all kinds of huckster ads to trick you out of your money.

So, when you see the programming I put up, it’s because I believe in it. It’s something that I’ve tested (or had someone else test). It follows sound science and good theory. And it works! It’s not there to be shiny and make you think you’re getting a workout.

My metrics are making strong and healthy people, not making money! As I’ve said many times before, I’m a very bad businessman. But that’s okay, I feel good about what we do in the gym.

Michael Deskevich