Can a PR push you into a non-convex region?


In an earlier post I wrote that training heavy might pull your health function to the left a bit. That might have happened to me this fall. I spent most of last spring and summer doing a pretty smart and easy training program to get ready for the TSC.

At the TSC, I attempted (and failed) a PR deadlift. I’m still pretty smart and didn’t go to the point of injury or ruin, but I still did go pretty hard.

Starting the evening of the fall TSC I had a bit of a sore throat which quickly got better. And then over the course of the fall I never really was able to get back into a good training program. I’d try a few things here and there and but I never got into a rhythm.

Then over the course of a month I got two pretty bad stomach bugs - I usually only get sick once every couple of years.

Maybe it’s that both kids are in school and are bringing stuff home.

Though, I partly blame my flirting with a PR attempt that made me weaker and more susceptible to the nasty stuff the kids bring home.

Hopefully I can get back to a good training schedule - and this time I’ll be sure to keep my life convex.

Michael Deskevich