New year's marketing is ramping up!

My social media feed is packed full of advertisements for gyms. For some reason The Algorithm thinks I’m interested in fitness, but also doesn’t realize that I already own a gym and don’t need to join one.

Anyway, this is the most I’ve ever seen the gym marketing pushed. My guess is that the industry is really planning some big money grab.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of joining in the new year and want a very non-traditional gym, this is the place to be! This is also the perfect time to check us out. As the holidays come up, the classes are a bit less crowded. We have our wait list so that we can give good attention to new folks as they join the classes, so plan accordingly if you want to get a fresh start in the new year.

Current members: remember, you’ll get the referral shirt if you get your friends in here. I’ll be placing the order early next year.

Michael Deskevich