Is it the Shoes? NO!


Having the right gear for your sport can make "just doing it" more pleasurable and more productive. Getting the highest quality gear you can afford is usually a good investment. It will generally perform better, last longer and if you believe it helps, it probably does. Up to a point.

If you are weightlifting or doing the movements for sports performance, you will likely find a good pair of weightlifting shoes will help your form in the deep squat positions the lifts require. Here is great article on why you should consider them: Why Weightlifting Shoes?

Last year Nike came out with the Vaporfly shoe for runners and there was a brouhaha over its construction, which Nike claims would make the runner up to 2% faster over measured distances using other shoes. After significant testing the performance claims, at the elite level anyway, seemed to hold up.

Last weekend, Eliud Kipchoge lowered the marathon world record by 1 minute 18 seconds supposedly wearing the newest Nike Vaporfly 4 Flyknits (not yet available to the general public) which boast a 4% performance increase. I haven't heard anything about how the shoes gave him an unfair advantage, but he did beat 2nd place Adidas sponsored athlete Amos Kipruto by 4 minutes and 44 seconds, pretty close to a 4% difference. Maybe we haven't heard anything because there were plenty of elites also wearing Vaporflys who did not beat Kipruto.

Many of you can relate better to the 10k (Bolder Boulder distance) than the Mile or the Marathon, so here are Kipchoge's 10k splits for the Berlin Marathon. Remember, Nike Vaporflys are something you can buy. But you can't do this:


Randy Hauer