Enjoy the Colorado summer without overtraining

From The Archives - I’m going back through the old blog and reposting some of the best articles.

I had a couple of conversations yesterday about how to balance the strength work at the gym with the activities that you guys are adding now that we're heading into the spring and summer.

The most important thing is to not overtrain. But how do you know if you're overtraining? Randy often says that you should be excited to go to the gym. You should be looking forward to your workout. If it's a chore to drag yourself to the gym or any other activity, that's a good sign that you're probably overtraining. Keep an eye on your mood, and don't let your ego get in the way of a good rest day.

Coming to the gym consistently is necessary to making progress and getting stronger, but enjoying nature and playing outside is also important for your health - physical and mental. Try to schedule your week so that you're enjoying the Colorado sun while getting enough strength work to keep improving.

It's a fine line to walk. We want you to make the gym a priority and make it part of your schedule - it's not good if "something always comes up" and gets in the way of your workout - but you also need to listen to your body and not wear yourself down.

As much as I want you in the gym (I get lonely), I want you outside and enjoying nature more.

Michael Deskevich