Why women need to lift weights

From The Archives - I’m going back through the old blog and reposting some of the best articles.

Women need strength training. This may strike you as an overgeneralization, but I really think that all women, of all ages, can benefit from some level of strength training. As we age, women lose bone density. Now you can eat lots of dairy or go on a calcium supplement, or even take some crazy prescription drug to shore up your bone density measures, but these are not true fixes. Weight bearing exercise benefits your bones at all ages, and as you get older, even very small amounts of strength training have big effects on health.

The climate for women and strength training is changing for the better. More and more women are discovering barbells (and kettlebells and medicine balls and push-ups and pull-ups and sleds and tires) and finding that they are taken seriously as students of strength. We have many role models in strength, from women athletes in weightlifting, powerlifting, strongwoman, and all the sports-specific competitors who use strength training to up their game.

Barbell Strategy is proud to offer an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome, regardless of level of experience. We are not a grunting "bro" gym where anyone needs to feel self-conscious. Our focus is on learning, and we expect you to set your own goals and work towards them at your own pace. If you're put off by hyper-intense approaches or concerned about injury but serious about addressing health issues and getting strong, come in and try us out. And if you're already training with us, encourage your friends to let us show them the fun and benefits of strength training.

Amy Santamaria