6 weeks to a (New/Best) (Life/Self/You) challenge

From The Archives - I’m going back through the old blog and reposting some of the best articles.

If you've been paying attention social media, during the new year you were probably bombarded with lots of ads for 6 weeks to a new/best life/self/you challenge. It's usually marketed as a "huge opportunity" for people in [your] area. It sounds like it's a new program at your local gym.

If you dig into these things you'll see that they're another example of a meta marketing campaign. The fitness industry is full of these programs that manage all of the marketing, programming, and even nutrition plans. A gym signs up and they handle the billing and send clients their way. All the gym has to do is just blindly follow the program they send.

It annoys me that gyms do this. They make it seem like they're giving you something special, but they're giving you something created by some internet marketer. We think it's irresponsible to blindly assign programming and nutrition advice from someone who doesn't even know you. You can find pre-written stuff like that for free on the internet everywhere (and that's what it's worth), so why pay for it under the guise of custom programming?

Michael Deskevich