Dry Farm Wines

From The Archives - I’m going back through the old blog and reposting some of the best articles.

Gah, I hate giving these guys free advertising. I should probably value my platform at more than $0. But since our mission is to educate you on health, nutrition, and fitness, I figure I should tell you about this.

I had been noticing that when I had a glass of wine with dinner that I would often end up with a headache the next day, or I wouldn't sleep well, or just generally felt bad. I chalked it up to getting older and not tolerating wine anymore. I was about to start phasing wine out of my routine when I happened across these guys.

Well, it turns out that most wine you buy now has so much stuff added to it, that its not like the wine your parents knew (just like everything else, the industrial food supply has started to ruin wine). There are a couple of issues:

  • Most vineyards are irrigated, which keeps the roots of the vines shallow. Then the shallow roots pick up the Round-up and other stuff that's sprayed on the plants. So there's nasty stuff in the grapes at harvest time.

  • FDA labeling laws are toothless on wine. They're essentially allowed to publish any alcohol content that they want, and since Americans like to get drunk on wine (rather than simply enjoy it for dinner), most wine you buy is very high alcohol content now.

  • More than half of the labels are controlled by the 3 largest corporations - even that small estate bottled vintage you found out in Napa.

  • Because of that large corporate control there are 40 or so odd chemicals that they're allowed to add to wine and not disclose (there's that FDA helping you out again!). Look up Mega-purple.

There's really too much to list here, but it's nearly impossible to buy wine that's just wine anymore. These guys at Dry Farm Wines import and test wine that's produced in Europe the old way. It's kind of expensive - more than I'm really happy paying for wine - but it doesn't make me sick. I can enjoy a glass with dinner again.

These guys aren't giving me anything for this post. I'm just a fan of what they're doing and wanted to point you to a healthier way to drink wine. (That’s not to say I would turn down any perks if the Dry Farm guys read this…)

Michael Deskevich