Food really is the problem

I have the weirdest twitter feed ever. Though, the AI that decides what I see is pretty accurate. My feed really only consists of the intersection of libertarian applied mathematicians who are also weightlifters. No matter how small your tribe is, the internet can bring you together.

Recently the threads have devolved into a discussions on the evils of ultra-processed foods that are the staple of the western diet. I was surprised to see those threads because that's old news to me. I've not eaten any standard food for years. I'm so used to being the weird guy that it's not even weird to me. 

The other thread that shows up in my feeds is the constant discussion about the explosion of anxiety in the population. Some folks think it's always been there and we're just now talking about it. Others are on the side of "it's much worse now than it ever was."

I don't know the right answer, but I've I had an interesting experience with it this week. I'm super clean with my diet. I mean, why would you voluntarily put something bad into your body? But a few days ago I got ravenous at work. I never have that feeling - I'm usually pretty close to keto all the time and I routinely skip lunch. But for some reason I was just super hungry.

I started rooting around the snack box looking for stuff that I could eat and the only thing that didn't have gluten or other bad oils in it was a Snickers bar. I figured, sure, that's high in sugar but it's just chocolate, nuts, and sugar. How bad can it really be?

About 5 minutes after eating it, I started feeling super anxious and jumpy. I couldn't calm down all evening and had a hard time going to bed. I'm sure the effect was extra pronounced because I don't eat that stuff regularly.

It wasn't a hyper feeling that you would expect from having too much sugar. It was more deep in my brain than that, I was actually anxious. 

It got me thinking about those twitter posts I've been seeing. Your diet has much more of an affect on your body than just those love handles you want to get rid of. Since you are what you eat, literally! - the molecules that make up your cells are the foods you eat.

What is all of the ultra processed western food really doing to us? If you're eating it all the time, then what's your baseline? Would you know how sick you were if you didn't know what feeling good was?

There's really nothing more important than putting high quality, unprocessed foods into our bodies.

Michael Deskevich